Up Tempo NBA rules 2006 edition

Alien Hoopsters

Too busy with work (9:30 FedEx deadline and all that jazz-mo) to watch the first Phoenix-Dallas game as it played, so I’m watching it a day late. Great game, even though I know the outcome. Color me a Coach Pornstache fan. Team basketball, motion, folks who can actually make a shot, even long stretches without a plodding center clogging up the lane, please let this be a template for other teams. Not to mention the long haired Canadian point guard who reads Karl Marx, and a power forward whose tattoos read Demon Bird Moth Balls.

As added bonus, get to root against Dallas for another series; just love watching the sad-eyed laddy of the Lowlands look of Maverick's owner, Mark Cuban whenever Dallas loses. I could do without the false bravado of Jerry Stackhouse and Raja Bell, and the thuggery of Eric Dampier, but I suppose that's a typical part of the proceedings as well.

Also, Charles Barkley looks like he’s really tired. Dark circles under his eyes. Sort of weird body language too: I wonder what’s happening in his private life? No smiles, no patter, hmmm.

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