What a difference a day makes


All of the work is still pending, but the 10 straight days of cloudy skies and rain have finally broken. Partaking of the s div , taken via the Bridge of Smoke, utilizing the Val Salva maneuver, also seemed to help relieve the oppressive weight of days, especially after a sound sleep. Self medication is the best! the best, Jerry!

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One last final exam tomorrow, then I plan on visiting with s. div. meself.

Of course I received a package today from Alandia today as well. Decisions, decisions...

Good luck with the pending load(s).

I'd go with the green eyed lady, perhaps because of the novelty.

Green-eyed lady was a success. Didn't over-indulge, but did indulge. Not crazy about the Sambuca anise/licorice taste, but interesting dreamy effects.

Excellent! So you were happy with the company you procured from?

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