Armando and karmic payback


Speaking of the blogger, Armando, apparently his abrasive manner was his own downfall:

From Pandagon, we read:

A major Right wing site has chosen to support a troll’s campaign started at this site to out me.

The writing is on the wall. I will likely be giving up blogging as a result.

If people were wondering about why I was so adamant about this, I hope this explains it.

I have never written about my clients and whenever I had a conflict, I disclosed it. But people of ill will have no decency or limits.

If I sound bitter, it is because I am quite bitter about this.

We're of two minds on the matter- if one wants to remain anonymous while blogging, one should be able to, without mindless partisans printing information you wish to keep private. Of course, one should then probably avoid using one's own first name, or identifiable characteristics about one's profession (Digby, for instance, is still anonymous to all except those who know her).

On the other hand, Armando has frequently been short-fused, quick to hurl insults, and undoubtedly has made plenty of enemies, on either side of his ideologic position (which I would posit to be slightly to the left of Joe Lieberman). In fact, Armando and his minions are a large reason we don't really pay much attention to DKos these days. When the liberal blogosphere (yes! skippy coined the phrase) was in its nascent stages, say spring of 2003, DKos was a frequent stop for our browsers. Now, not so much. If we wanted to read center-left commentary, we would subscribe to the American Prospect, or worse, the New Rethuglic.

We are also slightly confused as to why having one's name attached to legal representation of Wal-Mart means one can no longer blog. Perhaps, in order to retain Wal-Mart as a client, Armando has had to pretend he's a member of the good ole boy club during client lunches and corporate outings, and make jokes about smelly liberals? Not sure. Maybe it was about working (and charging) billable hours while simultaneously posting at DKos?

Also not sure why he couldn't just use a different pseudonym.

Blah blah blah. T'is been a long day.

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