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Fixer, at Alternate Brain writes:

I'm helping my pal Erin and the students in the political science department at the State University of New York/Stony Brook (right up the road from me) with a survey they're doing. They're looking for a large sample and asked if I could help them rustle up some victims volunteers to take the survey. It only takes a couple minutes and you'll be helping our young people

The Religion and Politics in American Life Survey
This survey is about attitudes towards religion and politics. Some people think that this country is becoming too secular. They want to see more people in government who share their values. Other people think that religious groups have too much influence in politics. They would rather keep religion and politics separate. We are very interested in your thoughts on this matter.What do you think about religion and politics in the U.S.?

Click here to take the survey:

I took the survey yesterday - while it is a little too preoccupied with empty, undefined phrases like “newer lifestyle”, and buzz words like breakdown of our society, and a few questions leave too much room for interpretation, it flows fairly well, and I finished in a couple of minutes.

Still, these are really minor quibbles from someone who has seen a lot of surveys (before we got fired, another story for another time, after we settle it all out, hopefully without litigation), and if you have a few spare moments, go ahead and give your input.

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Thanks a big bunch, I appreciate the help.

Thank you for posting my survey. I appreciate the help. Please feel free to drop me an email ( you have any questions or concerns about the survey.

No problem. Good luck with the survey. Wish I had higher traffic so i could send more volunteers your way.

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