Chris Floyd banned from Daily Kos

I do believe DKos has been infiltrated by DLC members, or else Markos has had a Christopher Hitchens moment. The quality of discourse at that site has been in decline for quite some time; banning Chris Floyd because he dared to criticized the Democrats' utter cave-in over the Hayden vote is petty, at best. I thought liberals were the group who supported freedom of speech? Of course, DKos is a personal site, able to do whatever Markos decides, still a disappointing choice.

The Smirking Chimp - Chris Floyd banned from Daily Kos How odd, to dump Chris Floyd. Nobody would expect him of all people to be shy in his criticisms, and the rubberstamping of Hayden by both sides of the aisle was certainly worthy of Floyd's acid.

Chris Floyd's Hayden comments here

(via Life and Deatherage)

update, reading this crazed Armando attack on Dori Smith is really even worse. The cult of orthodoxy-at-all-costs seems to have poisoned the DKos pond. Bleh. The Jim Jones disease has struck, apparently.

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