Friday Random Ten - Old Shoes edition

I got bored with this little game of Random Ten Friday, but decided to resurrect it to test out an Applescript posted at MacOSXHints. Here are my results.
  1. Hoagy Carmichael- Stardust
    Uncut - Mob Life
  2. Uncut Magazine sampler of jazzy tunes heard in gangster movies. Not my usual genre, but does certainly make me thirsty for scotch, and I've got a mighty thirst /Dena Kasalis faux-Irish voice.

  3. R.E.M.- Belong
    Out Of Time
  4. ahh, R.E.M., wherefore art thou? Why have you forsaken me with album after album of dreck? This song not bad. Sort of dreamy, from when R.E.M. didn't suck.

  5. Uncle Eck Dunford- Old Shoes And Leggins
    Anthology Of American Folk Music (1-A)
  6. hoe-down tune recorded for Victor records in the 1920s

  7. Danger Mouse & Jemini- What U Sittin' On? (Starring Cee Lo And Tha Alkaholiks)
    The Wired CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.
  8. conceptually, great. Creative Commons and all that. Meh. This track seems a bit lacking

  9. Vivaldi - Vivaldi: Concertos for Strings
    RV 418 III. Allegro- Anner Bylsma - Tafelmusik - Jeanne Lamon
  10. yes, there are strings, but can you dance to it?

  11. Axton, Hoyt- Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
    Country Anthem
  12. Not as good as the original, or as the Clifton Chenier zydeco version, but still o.k. Sort of plodding, country two-step backup band. Do love Mr. Axton's voice.

  13. Sinatra, Frank- Love And Marriage
    Sinatra 80 All The Best (Disc 2)
  14. can't listen to this without thinking of that inane television comedy. Sorry, Frank, skipping this one.

  15. Tarbox Ramblers- Were You There?
    A Fix Back East
  16. I'd see these guys live, I bet they put on a good show. Cosmic American with a good, grumbly guitar drone and some fiddled dissonance.

  17. Big Star- For You
    Third/Sister Lovers
  18. This album has not grown on me like the first two Big Star releases, though I haven't owned it very long. A few too many cliches on this saccharine track for my taste. Meh.

  19. Billy Bragg- King James Version
    William Bloke
  20. Love the opening line: trapped in a haircut he no longer believed in. I actually like this album quite a lot, though this isn't my favorite song on it

There you have it: nothing absolutely spectacular on this list, but only one skippable song, which even that, if you've never heard it before, you might like. 8 rated 3 stars, 2 rated 2 stars, if you're curious. If you aren't, don't read that sentence. Ooops, you already did, didn't you. -also, apparently, there was a side mission: to find the conservative message (sic) in these songs. I'm too lazy to do so at the moment. Maybe later.

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