Repetition is motion

or something. Don't know how often I could listen to these, seeing as I cannot listen to the original more than once a decade. My brother is about to embark upon a fortnight driving vacation from Austin to California, via the Grand Canyon, and who knows where else; I suggested he make a playlist consisting of just these cover versions of Led Zeppelin's radio staple,Stairway to Heaven, as a sort of torture experiment for his travel mates. That way they'll have a ready-made excuse for road rage, or whatever, if they happen to get pulled over by some gung-ho state trooper in Arizona.

As a bonus, I'd add some tracks from Hairway to Steven too. A little Butthole Surfer action never hurt.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Stairways to Heaven, Stairways to Hell (MP3s)
Here are 101 versions of the song that doesn't remain the same, depending on whether it's the the Australian music hall version, the Gilligan's Island version, the backwards version, the backwards splice-and-dice quarter note version, the glass harmonica version, the Doors version, the reggae version and on and on (all MP3s).

via the Rock and Roll Report

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