Yale and Juan Cole

I do not know Professor Cole, except via his astute commentary regarding the Middle East, as promulgated at his blog, Informed Comment. D (and several of her close friends) graduated from the University of Michigan, but that was long enough ago that she doesn't care much about the institution anymore. That said, Professor Cole was unfairly smeared for daring to voice an opinion contrary to the prevailing opinion held by the right wing in Israel, and their lobby in the US.

Note: we know a few liberal Israelis, and they have opinions regarding the West Bank which are close to those espoused by Professor Cole, as we understand them, so it isn't as if every intellectual in Israel is in mental lockstep. No, the problem is the inordinate amount of clout the NeoCons have over American policy and polity.

Professor Cole writes:

I am not going to talk about the Yale affair per se. But I did want to clear up some misimpressions I've seen here and there.

read more Informed Comment here.


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