Rare Art Films Surface Online

As an antidote to all the crappy music videos surfacing all over the liberal blogosphere (y!sctp), here is some art shite, instead.

For instance, here's a Stan Brakhage short.

WSJ.com - Rare Art Films Surface Online :

A groundbreaking experimental Man Ray film, made in 1923, is now available for anyone to watch free online. It isn't on the Web sites of the Library of Congress or the Internet Moving Image Archive. But you'll find it at both YouTube and Google Video, two amateur-video-sharing sites.
Increasingly, rare and avant-garde films are showing up on sites like these, best known for hosting homemade video spoofs. On YouTube, there are 1969 art videos by Nam June Paik, a 1967 student movie by George Lucas and an iconic 1930 film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, as well as a clip of Dalí in a chocolate commercial

People who post these films say they're only trying to increase awareness of overlooked cinematic gems, and say they receive few complaints.

Because the posters generally aren't profiting from the film clips, and aren't cutting into anyone's profits in cases where the films aren't sold commercially, lawsuits over these film clips are rare. “Is George Lucas going to spend money chasing down his grad-school films? Probably not,” says attorney Daniel Harris, who heads the intellectual-property group at the law firm of Clifford Chance in Menlo Park, Calif.

for some jumping off points, check out http://greylodge.org/gpc/?cat=26

here's another

Un Chien Andalou with modern music (original here, which might be better)

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