Syd Barrett RIP

Poor Syd. Speaking of casualties of the drug wars, Mr. Barrett made some spectacular music in his youth, but the stresses of modern life did him in, and he's been a recluse since the early 70s, living with mumsy, and painting.

Syd Barrett dies aged 60 News: Syd Barrett, the former lead singer of Pink Floyd and one of the key figures of the 60s, has died at his home in Cambridge.
also BBC Obit

Lost in the Woods - Syd Barrett & the Pink Floyd
Syd Barrett

The Madcap Laughs
“The Madcap Laughs” (Syd Barrett)

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
“The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” (Pink Floyd)

“Barrett” (Syd Barrett)

NME obit

(See Emily Play)

Lost in the Woods - Syd Barrett & the Pink Floyd
“Lost in the Woods - Syd Barrett & the Pink Floyd” (Julian Palacios)

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