The DEA Targets America

This sounds like an interesting event. I will try to attend. Though the 'non-confrontational' part doesn't sound like fun. Good arguments stir the bile, move the brain fluids. Especially against such nitwits as those who created this inane exhibit.

A Drug WarRant Challenge: Opening Eyes to the Damage Caused by the Drug War - The DEA Targets America Growing up in Chicago, I have many fond memories of the Museum of Science and Industry. I spent so many hours in that place that I have as much sense memory of parts of it as I do the house I lived in as a kid. I loved science, and the museum encouraged discovery. Sure, some of the exhibits were a little hokey, but you still had fun and learned at the same time.

It is therefore with much concern that I note that the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry will be hosting the DEA propaganda device called “Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause”, opening August 11 and running until December....

By now, most of you know about the extraordinarily offensive DEA exhibit that uses pieces of wreckage from the World Trade Center with children's toys mixed in as a means of promoting the DEA!

What you can do

1. Volunteer to help pass out flyers at the museum. If you're in the Chicago area, or plan to be there during the run of the exhibit, we need your help. No experience needed -- simply sign up to legally and non-confrontationally stand outside the museum and welcome people while giving them one of our flyers. Sign up at the Drug messageboard (where we'll be coordinating efforts, or email pete at

We'll be working with chapters of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

2. Printing Flyers. We've got enough money need right now for printing flyers, but we may need more in the future. We'll re-activate this plea for funding in that case.

There will be other expenses, and you can help out while getting fun merchandise for yourself. Just go to the Drug WarRant store. The 11x17 poster of the new graphic is $14.99 and that includes a $10 contribution toward the flyer fund. I encourage you to buy other things as well to tell the world you don't support the drug war, but the others are priced much closer to cost.

3. Writing letters. We'll have a guide to the exhibit here in the future and an opportunity to write letters to the editor on the issue.

I sprung for a poster, plan to display it in my building's hallway.

More info here as well
and loved this quote, from Newsday (via Media Awareness Project)

Newsday: Let me get this straight.

Some American kid smoking pot is to blame for the World Trade Center terror attack?

Apparently so.

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