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Triggered by an overview in two parts from the newsletter, Tidbits (which we've subscribed to since eWorld was an Apple service), we have been reading The David's book, Getting Things Done. So far (we've read out-loud to each other, alternating sections) we've completed about 25% of the book, but that is enough to get the gist of the direction David Allen suggests, and it seems amenable to our situation.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

“Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” (David Allen)

We've been working a lot this summer (60-80 hour weeks have been the norm), but have become increasingly overwhelmed with the tasks we've assigned to ourselves. Creating a new style of organization seems essential to our mental and business health. Since I'm the technician half of our team, I've been exploring software to assist us. Omni Outliner looks interesting.

We also have come to the conclusion that we need to expand our core office space. Business, personal and private spheres are all in one amorphous blob, and there are no boundaries between them. We spent several hours this afternoon categorizing the messes on our desks into 'buckets'. If all goes as planned (ha), next week we'll be very low profile, purging old materials, and pounding our lives into manageable, discrete chunks. We may add a satellite office in another location, if we can work out details like rent and so forth.

We may come up for air after Labor Day. Hope is not a plan, goes the cliché, but at least we have an inkling of an idea for clearing our minds of the clamor of unfinished tasks.


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