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Oh boy, Imodium ads to look at while eating crappy mall food. - Clear Channel Moves Advertising Onto the Table at Food Courts :

Clear Channel Outdoor is working with Los Angeles-based Creatable Media Inc., which came up with the concept, to distribute the advertising and get it into as many malls as possible. Leading mall operators like Simon Property Group Inc. and Westfield Group are involved, and the advertisements are already in high-traffic shopping areas like Woodbury Commons near New York and Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles.
The advertisements are set into tables under clear plastic screens, safe from doodlers and spilled ketchup. The space for the advertisement is three-quarters of an inch deep, allowing room to display objects such as T-shirts or mobile phones. Since diners spend an average of 32 minutes in the food court, according to Creatable, they will have plenty of time to take in the messages.

Until now, tabletop advertising largely had been the bailiwick of local advertisers who relied on paper liners in trays. By upgrading the advertising so it is no longer disposable, the reproduction is sharper, and the image is large enough to take up almost an entire table, Creatable hopes to get more national advertisers involved. It has already won business from big companies like mobile-phone service provider Cingular Wireless and TV networks like the WB and Lifetime.

“It's ideal when you're trying to reach the younger audience when they are congregating,” says David Koppelman, director of the New York office of advertising agency MacDonald Media LLC, which bought tabletops at several malls last year to promote a World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. program.

Creatable foots the bill for replacing table tops. It also replaces colored trays with clear ones. Malls get a portion of the proceeds, but must ditch tray liners. The cost of advertising on the table tops is generally about three times higher than on paper liners. Creatable Chief Executive Vince Pierse says the tables are in 63 malls, with plans to deploy them in a total of 200 by the end of 2007.

Good thing we avoid malls at all costs...urban living does have some advantages.

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