Afternoon Autumn Strolls

are the best. The best, Jerry!

King of Blades and Whip
King of Blades and Whip Earwax Cafe has been around since at least the mid 90s when I last lived in Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village. Earwax has moved to a few different locations, but similar (Austin-esque) food and atmospherics. I actually missed the photo I wanted, as the tattooed man's girlfriend came back, and her tats were quite cool too.

Rainbo Club neon
Rainbo Club neon Rainbo Club also a long time resident of the Wicker Park/Ukranian Village area, though perhaps longer. I've heard (too lazy to verify at the moment) that Nelson Algren liked to get his drinks there. Neon is

Cut Rate Drugs
Cut Rate Drugs - best kind! On Milwaukee Avenue

Take Your Stand
Take Your Stand You have nothing to lose.

Acknowledgement Afternoon sun falls over the West Loop

a quickr pickr post

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