Bully Pulper

Molly Ivins, journalist goddess, has the strength and stamina to wade through The Dauphin's recent press conference twice in a noble effort to parse meaning where there might not be any. Jeez, bad enough to hear Bushisms once, but twice?

Anyway, Ms. Ivins writes:

Molly Ivins: President puts the bully in bully pulpit

Is it just me, or was that the worst presidential press conference in history?

So I went back and read it over. Of course, in print you don't get the testy tone; I heard it on radio and thought the man was about to blow up--not just because he was being questioned, which President Bush appears to consider an offensive action, but because people continue to refuse to see things the way he does. How can they be so stupid, he appears to wonder.

I ask: How can he be so repetitive, repeatedly using the oldest tactic of a verbal bully--saying the same thing louder, as though that would make it true?

Last Friday's Rose Garden press conference seemed so awful I thought it worth wading through it again to see what set him off. Maybe if you saw it on television, it seemed better. Perhaps his banter with reporters works better on TV. But I left with the impression that this is a spoiled man whose frustration level when someone disagrees with him is that of a 3-year-old and that he's the last person you want to see operating under a lot of stress because he doesn't handle it well.

read the whole thing here

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