Bush admits to CIA secret prisons

Not that it was much of a secret, but still angers me.

Bush admits to CIA secret prisons
President Bush admits the existence of secret CIA jails as 14 top terror suspects are sent to Guantanamo.

Mr Bush said the CIA had used an “alternative set of procedures”, agreed with the justice department, once suspects had stopped talking. ...
The US administration has faced criticism from legal experts and human rights activists over the policy on detentions of terrorism suspects.

Mr Bush also said he was asking Congress to pass urgent legislation to clarify the terms under which those fighting the war on terror could operate.

He said the laws must make it explicit that US personnel were fulfilling their obligations under the Geneva Convention.

Umm, I wish I was a believer in divine justice, because, if so, I'd at least be happy that Bush is going to burn in hellfire for all eternity. Unfortunately, he'll just get a presidential library in Austin, TX, an airport named after him in Midland, TX, and in a hundred years, historians will debate whether Bush or Harding were the worst presidents ever. I'd rather the Dauphin had to flee the country and live the remainder of his life in exile in Saudi Arabia or Sri Lanka.

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