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One: this is an interesting arc - we've been reading FDL since they were a small blog, and obviously they've moved up within the blog pecking order to be invited to hang out with Bill Clinton and his lackeys. Good for them: FDL deserves the recognition.

Two: one wonders, if the blog community (right and left) had existed in the 90s, would Clinton have been such a craven, Nixon-esque Democrat? If the national political dialogue would have included such liberal (and intelligent) voices as the FDL crowd, and others like Juan Cole and Glenn Greenwald, wouldn't Clinton have tried to triangulate on the left as well as the right? Wouldn't that have helped us all? I can't claim to have ever been a strong Clinton supporter, but I do think the man was as intelligent a politician as the 90s afforded, and he always has been interested in opinions. Prior to the prominence of the blogging millions, liberal voices were relegated to a few outlets in the corporate media (The Nation, Harpers, Rolling Stone occasionally, etc.), certainly none of the television talking heads of the 90s could be considered liberals. One of those questions we'll never have an answer to.

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Back in the day Jane was the first 'virtual' acquaintance who left positive comments on my blog and linked me. Now she's hooking up with presidents and such.

The first post I recall reading at FireDogLake was about blogging being completely a labor of love and not at all financially rewarding. Wonder if she's changed her mind now?

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