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I'm happy to be an E list member of Left Blogislavia (well, I would like to rake in so much Google ad dough that I could retire, but heroic-dosage inspired fantasy aside...), and realistically, in a hypothetical question about flying to NYC to attend some schmooze with Ole Blue Eyes himself, I'd probably decline as well.

A-Z list blogging - what is it really about? There has been quite a bit of a dust up over who was/wasn’t invited to the Clinton blogger lunch in Harlem, particularly because, as one of my readers, Miss Wild Thing, noted, “it looked like a blizzard hit the room.”...

I think I’m describing a good chunk of you out there who are citizens of the B, C, D lists of Blogistan, of any color or gender, if you were to be invited to a political event because of your blogging.

I can think of a few dozen things I'd rather do besides hanging out with politicians. I won't bore you with an itemized list, but obviously, blogging as an activity is rather far down the page.

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Maybe you'll remember I do like Bill Clinton. I flew to DC with my son, slept on the street alongside Barnes&Noble to shake hands with him and tell him one sentence I carefully memorized. And the blogger narrating the meeting is not too far from acting Clinton-gaga too.

I f only all this talk and hope would become reality.

Not so much that I don't like Clinton, just am too much of an introvert to be very thrilled with the idea of hanging out with 20 strangers, sharing a room with Clinton and his handlers. Perhaps because I follow politics so closely, perhaps for other reasons, regardless, I don't really have much interest in schmoozing with politicians. I'd rather hang with Bob Dylan than Bill Clinton anyway.

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