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Digby expands (with no input from me! ahem) greatly on my earlier puzzlement re: Disney's strategy. I'm very confused as to why Disney's corporate leaders elected to throw money away via a fact-esque Leni Riefenstahl homage in a feeble attempt to prop up the Boy King's ratings while Michael Moore's movie was deemed “too partisan” to distribute.

Hullabaloo: Disney Throws Away Millions For Republican Causes ... It's evident that Disney/ABC Entertainment is anything but a bunch of lefties. If they were they would have been thrilled to distribute “Fahrenheit 9/11” instead of avoiding it like the plague. And they most certainly wouldn't have signed off on crazy anti-semite Mel Gibson's Holocaust project, for God's sake: ... Isn't that something that Disney shareholders should be just a little bit concerned about? If ABC is protecting its “Narnia” franchise, at some point you have to look at whether the price they are paying is too high. If they have thrown this kind of money away to appease the GOP for business reasons then their shareholders have just been taken to the cleaners. The old K Street project is dead and when Democrats take congress this fall they aren't going to be happy. They are on to it.

If Disney/ABC is giving away free air time for conservative projects and denying distribution to programs that don't favor the Republican Party, then perhaps somebody needs to look at whether this stuff is legal. There are laws regulating corporate giving to campaigns. By not showing advertising it seems to me that it's not impossible to make a case that this latest is a free gift to the Republican party just weeks before an important election.

Perhaps, as a commenter at Hullabaloo notes, this is the real concern? Seems a bit of a stretch since there are nearly as many corporate Democrats as there are corporate Republicans.

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They went down into the cryogenic lab and thawed old cryptofascist uncle Walt. He ordered them to do the miniseries before being shut back in the vault with Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia.

He was a right winger, wasn't he? I made some stupid remark about his Republican Fascist credentials in the original post, but deleted it before publishing after reading this Straight Dope column.

Funny, I held back my assault on Walt in your comments section after reading the same exact article.

I still think Disney World and Disney Land and that weird town they built in Fla are cryptofascist. Perhaps Walt was just a relatively apolitical righty, but his enterprise has creeped further along the spectrum.

We'll never get on talk radio this way! Facts be damned!

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