EPA wants to kill you

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slowly, but still, the intent is there. The Bush White house is complicit in these murder plans, and by extension, so are the fools and dupes who voted for the murder plans, not once, but twice!

EPA tightens soot rules, but not to extent panel urged WASHINGTON -- The government yesterday announced new limits on how many tiny particles of soot people can breathe safely each day, rejecting tougher standards recommended by its own specialists. The particles are emitted from power plants and diesel vehicles.

Specialists advising the agency had said the science supports tougher standards than the EPA chose. Other air pollution specialists and advocates alleged political tinkering. New England air quality officials said the new rules do not protect public health.

The health-based limits on soot are considered an important part of the Clean Air Act, helping save 15,000 people a year from premature deaths due to heart and lung diseases.

Translated: corporate profits are much, much more important items to protect than citizens' lungs. You can always get a new lung on the black market, but once your company's stock is in the toilet, you might as well retire to your summer home in Bermuda.

And you gotta laugh (or cry) at this tidbit of bureaucratese:

EPA administrator Stephen Johnson...``Wherever the science gave us a clear picture, we took clear action,“ he said. ``There was not complete agreement” by the scientific advisory panel.

But 20 of 22 panel members said the EPA should set tougher standards .

Yes, all public health initiatives must have 100% agreement, or kittens will cry. Works for global climate change too, just ask Al Gore.

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1 Comment

No, the Bush EPA doesn't want to kill you.

It just doesn't care one little bit whether you die, that's all.

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