Eric Alterman fired

Eric Alterman (one of the few columnists I've been reading longer than I knew blogs existed) is changing URLs. Hopefully, MediaMatters will have a better RSS feed of his column/blog than MSNBC's crappy half-assed version. I filter nearly 90% of my news through NetNewswire, sites like the former Altercation which have poor or no RSS support get less visits. Just how it is.

Altercation: 9/11: America attacked twice - Altercation - First, the bad news:  I’m fired. has decided to end its support of “Altercation,” and indeed, all of its association with yours truly as of this Friday.Ok, now, the good news:  My friends at Media Matters for America have decided that the cause of continuing “Altercation” in its current, politically independent form to be worthy of their support.  So we’re not dying, just moving.  Our new URL will be and I will also become a MM Senior Fellow.

...Whether my termination is, in fact, a product of a political decision at GE/NBC, which according to reports I read and gossip I hear, has lately taken a much firmer hand in guiding the content of both MSNBC and, I have no way of knowing. I have never even spoken with the Web site’s current editor-in-chief, nor has anyone communicated with me beyond my immediate circle of editors. Outspoken liberals in the MSM have long been an endangered species. (From the beginning, a Wall Street Journal editorial page writer attacked the site for “conferring mainstream legitimacy on Eric Alterman.”) Even less common, I suppose, are Web sites that feel free to criticize their corporate parents, the pollution they cause, the lying, incompetent, ideologically extremist and corrupt presidents they coddle, and perhaps most especially, the all-but incomprehensible choices they make when doling out cable TV news programs. It would surprise no one if this site caused some discomfort at 30 Rock, if and when they happen to notice it.

Frack the corporate media anyway.

(tip 'o the brain to Gordon)

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