Explorations of of light and color. Most of these have richer colors than my camera captured, via the magic of Photoshop.

What Happened In There?
What Happened In There? faux chromo-solarized

Rain Comes for the Archbishop's Cat
Rain Comes for the Archbishop's Cat Rain comes in sheets on Randolph

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Try to Understand
Try to Understand West Loop el.

The building is to be converted to condo, or so I've read.

Sunset in Fulton Market
Sunset in Fulton Market Natural sunwashed afternoon. This is the dividing line between SoFu and NoFu (my made up names for South of Fulton and North of Fulton)

Lumber, Plywood
Lumber, Plywood West Division St.

Goldstar For You
Goldstar For You furnished rooms are available on west Division (I think)

a quickr pickr post

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