Happy Birthday to John Coltrane

John Coltrane would be 80 today, if he were alive. Wiki here.

Blue Train
“Blue Train” (John Coltrane)

At the Village Vanguard
“At the Village Vanguard” (John Coltrane)

John Coltrane Quartet - Afro Blue. Love this song. Slightly different rendition than I've heard before. Coupled with the song, Alabama, on the album, Live at Birdland, enough to make a hardened heart cry. Thanks to the innovations of digital media, I don't have to constantly flip the record over to hear these two spectacular songs in sequence.

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Miles Davis and John Coltrane play one of the best renditions of SO WHAT ever captured on film-
Live in 1958. This clip is available on two different DVDs. “Miles Davis: The Cool Jazz Sound” and also- “Jazz Masters: Vintage Collection

(direct link here)

John Coltrane live, 1965, playing “Naima”.

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Ahh, I was born too young, or Mr. Coltrane died too soon, take your pick. Transcendent talent.

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