Junk faxes are a scourge


As I wrote a while ago, we used to receive junk faxes every day, sometimes several a day. We tried complaining to the FCC, but eventually just changed our long-time fax number. For almost a year, we didn't get any junk faxes, but as of a couple of weeks ago, the fax scum have tracked down our (unpublished) fax number, and now we've started receiving junk pages again.

Junk Fax Custom Printed

However, since then, I had read a David Pogue column which someone had added this comment:

Pogue’s Posts - Return to Sender

As with most “points of pain”, it’s also a business opportunity. Fax Recovery Systems (http://www.faxrecoverysystems.com/) will do the legal chasing for you and pay you $100 (from the $500 they collect).

I'm totally signing up.

There was also a second option

The attorny, Ron Kuby, said on his radio show (770 in New York) that there was an attorney in New Jersey that split the fines collected 50/50 with you. You have to send him the fax.

Either way, am making these frackers pay!

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Here at the Liberry we received a ten-page junk* fax about Dick Cheney running an underground operation to clone human beings and using alien abductions as cover memories.

It was hand-written.

*At least I assume it was junk...

I had to change my voice number soon after I moved beause it seemed to have been someone's business fax number previously. They would attempt to send me faxes in the middle of the night, which was very annoying.

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