Latin Terrorists


All day I've been letting this phrase reverberate in my mind, and I cannot figure out exactly what the implication is.

White House Releases Portions of Iraq-War Critique - The four pages of findings from the National Intelligence Estimate, representing the input of 16 government agencies, follow days of criticism sparked by portions that were leaked last week. They also come in the run-up to midterm elections in which the conflict has become a defining issue. In them, analysts conclude that while the leadership of al Qaeda has suffered serious damage in Iraq and the wider war on terror, the threat from Islamic extremists has spread in numbers and geographic reach.

The NIE seeks to assess the near-term capabilities of al Qaeda and other militant Islamist groups. It said U.S.-led counter-terrorism operations have “seriously damaged” al Qaeda's senior leadership, but the group continues to spread its ideology by breaking into more diffuse cells and communicating through the Internet. The NIE said Islamists have made particular gains in spreading their influence into Europe, and warned that non-Muslim groups in Latin America and Asia who share al Qaeda's anti-American agenda could also resort to terrorist activities.

Chavez? or The Shining Path? or what? An escalation of the (phony) Drug War? Perhaps more astute parsers of government-speak could figure it out. Or not. Could just be a smoke screen.

PDF of the report available here

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Great! I really miss those halcyon days of yore--the '80s--when death squads funded by the CIA were running rampant throughout Central American massacring "communists" (labor leaders, opposition politicians, nosey journalists, environmentalists, American nuns and Latin American bishops, etc.).

Now, instead of "communists," we have "terrorists" in Latin America, a convenient label for anyone not playing nice with BushCo. Presumably Negroponte will issue a statement that these 'terrorists' will be capable of driving truck bombs up from Honduras any day now. Back when he was running the show for us down South he came up with that BS about Sandinista MIGs preparing to bomb Texas. How many Guatemalens, Salvadoreans, Nicaraguans and Hondurans died as a result?

Basically, same as my thought. What exactly is anti-American sentiment currently defined as? Seems pretty open ended.

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