Rice sexy?

Wait, members of the Bush White House have sex? Color me skeptical.

Ted Rall:

Maybe because I just can't allow my brain to picture Ms. Rice in any such role. And yes, I'm aware that Henry Kissinger was celebrated for his affairs and dalliances, but that was during the swinging 70s, and this is the repressed Aughts.

(story here, or here)

The world's most influential diplomat and Ottawa's most eligible bachelor seem to be hitting it off.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay enjoyed a chummy — and unusual — visit to MacKay's Nova Scotia riding yesterday.
In stark contrast to the usual government visits where diplomats do business on the fly, Rice spent 23 hours in Canada, many of them in MacKay's riding of Central Nova, a languid locale that couldn't be further from the diplomatic hell holes to which she's usually dispatched.

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