Salad Eaters

Oh, great.

Beet Salad

(tasty salad recently devoured at Vivo)

Experts see more salad bar problems

FDA must increase produce inspections and research...Consumers should expect more bacterial outbreaks like the one involving bagged spinach because federal regulators lack the resources to do much more than react to such events after they occur, food safety experts say.

...Since 2003, the agency's food staff has declined by about 10 percent. Meanwhile, sales of fresh salads and produce-related outbreaks have more than tripled over the last 10 years.

“Unless the food part of the agency begins to get money sufficient to deal with inspections and do research to identify when contamination occurs and why, I think we could see an increase in these outbreaks,” said Sanford Miller, a former director of the FDA's food division now at the University of Maryland's Center for Food, Nutrition and Agriculture Policy.

Activists and experts said the Bush administration and Congress ignored warning signs that bacterial outbreaks were a growing problem and that more funding was needed.

I'm giving up food, and just switching to fruit of the vine (which includes hops). Maybe a steady diet of honey and locusts, with some hemp oil?

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