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RagnaRanch aka Frostpocket Redux aka South Pocket Ranch is closer to reality.

Location. 17899 Westlake Dr, Dripping Springs, TX 78620 - Google Maps :

New family-related development is developing. 8 plots have already been taken, and my parents and myself to purchase another 4, if our offer is accepted. A while ago, was owned by some California survivalists who now are selling it. My aunt Honoria has a few details on her blog, and also here (and elsewhere)

I'm guessing my share to be about 1.5 acres - going to plop a yurt on the spot, and spark up the campfire. I do miss living near my family clan, owning a piece of property would certainly encourage visits, especially in fall and spring.

Here are some photos a different aunt took a few months ago

Rangnaranch Creekbed

Verdant Green



Gee, TX ? Relocation to TX was the reason my mother packed it up back to Rio de Janeiro. I guess "Giant" had too much of an impact on her. I like Austin.

Good luck to you and family. Remeber the Alamo ;)

My TXn Friend just told me this location is great as great and friendly are TXns. So, good luck again.

my family already all live there already, I would be the texan in exile, absentee land-owner. Lived in Austin for a large portion of my life. Not moving there from Chicago, just as a second place to build campfires and drink directly from the jug.

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