Bipartisanship propaganda

Regardless of the numerous breathless media reports about Bush suddenly trying to be president over the entire country instead of just the mouth breathing 30% previously worthy of his administrations attentions, I'll believe it when it happens. Actions, words, your mind can assemble the cliche on your own time....

Bush signals a shift toward bipartisanship WASHINGTON -- President Bush strode into the East Room of the White House yesterday a humbled man. The nation, he acknowledged, had serious concerns about his war and his leadership. The trademark Bush cockiness was gone as he offered Democrats a trophy for their congressional victories: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Bush never owned the mandate he proclaimed to have received in the first place. If half of the voting-eligble population votes, and 49% (give or take) vote for you, this doesn't really mean you have carte blanche to drive the country into a ditch. Yaddda yadda.


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