Blockbuster in Deal With Weinsteins


Well, this might suck, if there ever comes a time when there is movie I wish to rent, and it is only available at Blocksucker. I'd probably just avoid the movie, but be annoyed. Or have a friend steal a copy, or burn me a copy.

Blockbuster in Deal With Weinsteins - New York Times : Blockbuster Inc. said Wednesday that it had reached a deal for exclusive United States rental rights to movies from the Weinstein Company, whose founders created the Miramax studio and sold it to Disney.

The deal will keep all movies from Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s new production company out of the hands of Netflix, the online service that competes with Blockbuster, the nation’s largest movie-rental chain.

The agreement runs from Jan. 1 through 2010 and gives Blockbuster three years of exclusive rental rights to Weinstein movies.
The companies said the deal would cover coming movies including “Bobby,” about Senator Robert F. Kennedy that opens this month; “The Nanny Diaries,” starring Scarlett Johansson and Paul Giamatti; and a martial-arts film, “The Protector.”

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I feel sorry for all if Blocksucker's deal goes thru. We watch whatever cable giives us or we rent from a small "art" video store. Bummer. Maybe we'll have to go see Bobby at the theater?

Sorry for such bad news.

Yeah, the Bobby movie looked vaguely interesting, the perfect kind of rental - not enticing enough to draw me to the theatre, but worth spending a couple of hours watching at home. Seems like a sort of stupid marketing deal.

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