Gilmour to release Barrett single

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Yes, but where will the money go?

Gilmour to release Barrett single

Pink Floyd star David Gilmour is to release a single featuring songs by former band member Syd Barrett.

The EP will feature live performances of two songs written by the reclusive guitarist, who died this year.

One of the tracks, Arnold Layne, features vocals from David Bowie, who appeared at one of Gilmour's Royal Albert Hall gigs over the summer.

Barrett was a founder member of Pink Floyd and an influential songwriter, penning the band's early hits.

Gilmour's EP will feature two versions of the psychedelic single Arnold Layne, which reached number 20 in 1967 - despite a ban from the BBC.

As well as Bowie's performance, there will be a recording featuring vocals from Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright.

The third track is a solo acoustic performance of Dark Globe, one of the tracks from Barrett's first solo album, The Madcap Laughs.

It will be released as a download on Christmas Day, and will be available in shops a day later.

plenty of YouTube Syd Barrett action here, and here, if copywrong hasn't struck them down yet.


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At least I'm not the only one working today. I ust hate this whole issue of copyright, etc. Bob Dylan was right and I repeat myself: there is a point when wealth becomes pornographic.

And the sad news is that I ran out of HD space. Good morning!

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