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Drink Up

I know I am...

Oh, by the way, D's birthday present was a vaporizer, the Volcano, made by Storz and Bickel.

She is a semi-pro herbalist with a deep knowledge of the arcane and ancient plant medicines (one blend we've vaporized contains: Peppermint, Mate', Kola Nut, Licorice Root, Green Sencha Leaf, Suma Root, Guarana & Red Panax Ginseng), and I'm interested in shamanism and the work of Dale Pendell, so a vaporizer seems to be a good tool to have around. Quite happy with it so far: though feel a Van de Graaf generator would be an appropriate prop. Plus a full balloon of smoke looks like some sort of county fair deep-fried-cotton-candy-on-a-stick amalgam.

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