I'm Your Man

quickie review of the Leonard Cohen Docu-performa before it all fades away like gossamer strands on Galilee and I wake up

my Canadian nationalism rears its contemplative muzzle - luckily I can ignore it

movie an unsatisfying tease - blend of Cohen-esque quotes and anecdotes, interspersed with performances of other voices
some better than others
some moving
some meh
gallantly, I won't say which are the meh

ultimately, watching and listening to the movie sent me scurrying to purchase Leonard Cohen CDs I don't already own
rich baritone and limited range
draws attention to the lyric
not the facial expression of the singer
cinematographer didn't factor this in - too many performers contorted their faces to cartoon proportions playing to the live audience, not the camera

only a couple of the performers had the gravitas to stand up to the material without resorting to those goddamn annoying ululations made common by Whitney Houston et alia

Had to fast forward over several, including Martha Wainwright.

The Edge and Bono are obviously huge fans, but hyperbole of their professed love for Mr. Cohen appeared a bit slathered on
I wanted to wipe my hands afterward

Nick Cave phoned it in

I'm sad about this fact

I had never heard of Antony, but his (her) rendition of If It Be Your Will was quite moving once it got moving. Err, once the song progressed. Builds in emotional resonance, at least from where I sat. (YouTube here for the moment)

digression - what is the mechanism whereupon certain songs, sung in a certain way, cause an emotional response that manifests in muscle spasms in your spine? There are certain songs that even after a thousand renditions still evoke shudders. Sometimes only a phrase, sometimes the entire song. Is it just me and my poetic inclinations? or is this universal? Bob Marley's Redemption Song, for instance, or John Lennon's Working Class Hero, or several others. If It Be Your Will added, as of tonight. I'm probably outing myself as an overly-sensitive denizen of the ethers, but tis the unvarnished truth.

Yodeling is a powerful vocal tool: Diva-esque ululation is not - I can do that trick, and I can't sing

Rufus Wainwright is more talented than his sister
what are Thanksgiving dinners like at the Wainwright's house? Does Loudon get along with his kids?

Cutting between Leonard Cohen being interviewed and his songs being performed is tedious after a while
an idea better in concept than execution
DVD should allow for complete songs and complete Cohen documentary as separate entities

Schmata trade of his father responsible for Mr. Cohen's sartorial dress choices

there should be more here
but my eyes water

final rating 85 out of 100 (solid B)

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