install new memory

I thought adding 2 1 GB RAM chips to my desktop would be easy - the memory slots are easily accessible, I've done the process several dozen times, but for some reason, the chips are not recognized by my machine.

After shutting down, and removing all cables to my G5, I installed new RAM in third slots, rebooted, nyet says the system. Same amount of memory as before. Hmmm. Shut down, re-seated RAM. No luck. Shut down, switched the pairs. No luck. Shut down, switched the factory installed 256 chip pairs with the new OWC 1 gig chips, and the new chips were still not recognized, but the moved factory installed chips were.

Apple profiler

Bummer. Maybe they are defective?

Processes: 86
Averages: 1.07 0.73 0.54
Uptime: 36 days 3:08


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