Ladybird Cow


Speaking of republished photos, got this email today:

I was just admiring your photograph of the Ladybird Cow. I've written a book on the 'Cow' to be published in June 2007, and I have mentioned Cow Parade. I'm currently looking for illustrations for the book and was wondering if you would allow me to use this image in my (scholarly) book. I would, of course, credit you with the illustration and send you a copy of the book. The only catch is that I need a high resolution image sent to me on disc in England, or I may be able to download your original image from the site... And I have a dead line of 5th Dec (ie. only a few days left!). If you are interested then please let me know asap and I can give you more details.

Many thanks for your time

Kind regards


Ladybug Cow, climbing the wall of the Talbott
Ladybug Cow, climbing the wall of the Talbott Cows on parade, the leftover edition. (direct link here)

Cow meat
Cow meat Cow sculpture in Evanston (I think).

I'm inclined to give the photo - should I? What's the protocol?


Give them the image, but demand a free copy of the book in exchange. Well, don't demand one--ask nicely.

Love the subtle Meat is Murder slogan in the background of Cow Meat photo.

Thanks, that was my inclination as well.

Also, you're the first to notice my graffiti addition (in my own handwrithing, no less) on the garaged cow photo.

And don't forget to ask for credit in the book for the picture. It's a nice picture.

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