Ms Run Amok decries Bushism

Jeez, when even Ms. J-for-jaunty Miller piles on the Bush mis-administration, albeit after the election is over, what does that imply about the next two years of lame-duckiness?

Former N.Y. Times reporter decries Bush policies 11/11/06 : Liberties suffer, secrecy grows, reporter tells K-State crowd

Judith Miller, a former New York Times investigative reporter who went to jail to protect a confidential source, said the balance between national security and civil liberties has been tipped, allowing the Bush administration to become secretive about its decisions, intrusive into public lives and reluctant to share information the public has a right to know.

Miller said many Americans don't understand how their access to information and the freedom of the press have been affected in the past few years.

“We are less free and less safe,” she said, explaining that there is a “growing secrecy in the name of national security.”

she also manages to complain about bloggers:

The blurring of entertainment and news and the relaxing of journalistic standards can be seen in online bloggers who are critical of people without giving them an opportunity to respond or who don't post corrections when they learn that what they have posted is wrong, she said.

“I'm worried about bloggers,” she said. “(A post) starts as a rumor and within 24 hours it's repeated as fact.”

While she advocates a federal shield law to protect mainstream journalists from divulging their sources, she doesn't favor extending that to bloggers who don't follow the standards and ethnics [sic - probably meant ethics, not macaca ] of the journalism industry.

Does she really think that Fitzgerald has time to read blogs? Perhaps she just means Drudge.

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