PepsiCo Gets Naked

I suspect this deal has been in the making for a while, as I have been surprised to find Naked juices at various corner stores around the city. A distribution network of that depth doesn't occur without deep corporate pockets.

PepsiCo Gets Naked In an effort to further bolster is portfolio of healthy offerings, PepsiCo said Tuesday it has acquired the super-premium juice brand Naked Juice. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Founded in 1983, the 25 all-natural 100% juice products’ sales eclipsed $150 million last year. The private equity firm North Castle Partners previously owned the brand.

Naked Juice gives Pepsi a direct competitor to combat Coca-Cola’s Odwalla juice line. Odwalla, which has been growing steadily for Coke, is the super-premium juice category leader.

I hope nothing about the formulas themselves change, I like several of the Naked blends.


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