Preservationists in Chicago Fear Losing Ground to Condos

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Plus, so many of the condos all look exactly the freaking same. Not every thing from the past needs to remain, of course, but cannot there be a better balance? There are so many interesting structures in Ukrainian Village for instance.

Preservationists in Chicago Fear Losing Ground to Condos Local preservationists in Chicago worry that the city's architecture and its distinct neighborhoods may be destroyed. ... The house, drawing admiring looks from passers-by, sits in a historic district in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood, safe from demolition. Just a few blocks away, though, similar structures are disappearing every year.

Fiercely proud of both its architecture and its distinct neighborhoods, Chicago is losing entire tracts of older buildings. Many areas bordering downtown where immigrant communities flourished a century ago have experienced a rush of residential development, leading local preservationists like Mr. Fine to worry that before long, the only architecture left in this inner ring of neighborhoods will be condominiums.

I have dozens of photos, but am too lazy to find any at the moment.

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Third Street Promenade, the super hit pedestrian-shopping in Santa Monica. Just like that little poem (?) -- First they came for X, but I'm not X. First the old stores, then some of the new ones, and an amzing bookstore, and one on architeture had to leave Third Street.

The local flavor id gone so we can awe tourists and hungry Americans or movie-goers.

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