Public apology to Phil


Been meaning to write a public apology to the blogger, Phil, who seems to live in Elmhurst. 

Elmhurst may or may not suck, sorry for indicting an entire community (which by the way, I've previously enjoyed walking around in, the dozen or so times I've been there) based on one incident with one police officer following me around town for 20 minutes. Also sorry for flying off the handle - probably due to circumstances of which you are not aware, nor should you be. Suffice it to say, I'm usually not so short tempered as to answer a legitimate question with an insult, and I apologize.  



Thanks, I appreciate it. I took an insulting tone to start it all off and I apologies.

Thanks also for the link, I'm enjoying your blog.

Cool. Thanks for being gracious - it was sort of weighing on my mind that I was an ass.

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