South Pocket photos

RagnaRanch aka Frostpocket Redux aka South Pocket Ranch is closer to reality.

My extended family is buying several plots of land near Hamilton's Pool, twenty minutes west of Austin. 8 plots have already been taken, and my parents and myself to purchase another 4, if our offer is accepted. My aunt Honoria has a few details on her blog, and also here (and elsewhere at her page)

I'm guessing my share to be about 1.5 acres - planning to plop a yurt on the spot, and spark up the campfire. I do miss living near my family clan, owning a piece of property would certainly encourage visits, especially in fall and spring.

My dad took these photos of the 4 plots we are sharing.

copy of the plat with some features that we have located by walking over the ground with tape measures, etc. There is a large slab (32x85) on lot 28 which seems to have been intended for a hale-bale structure. It is level with the road at the narrow (garage?) end. On lot 29 is a slab 16x16 feet perched near the edge of the cliff/slope down to the valley. The dotted lines are the top and the bottom of the slope. Between lots 28 and 29 is a wash/gully/whatever that continues onto lots 27 and 26. On lot 30 is the well that is the scource of the hangup at the moment. The owner is “positive” that the well is on lot 29 and wants another $x for it. He will be here next weekend. After he settles the well location issue then we will renew negotiations.

more photos below the jump


southpocket 072 slab on lot 28
072 is the large slab on lot 28

southpocket 059 8-sided slab

the 8 sided slab looking toward the valley view

southpocket 057 lots 28 and 29
looking uphill toward the road on lots 28 and 29

southpocket 047 gully between lots 26 and 29
looking uphill from the bottom of the gully between lots 26 and 29

southpocket 002 looking uphill from the valley
looking uphill from the valley

southpocket 075 taken near road 8 sided slab
taken from near the road looking toward the small ( 8 sided ) slab.

southpocket 017 Lots 26 and 27
looking across the valley portion (Lots 26 and 27)

southpocket 073 toward the road on lot 29
looking uphill toward the road on lot 29

southpocket 082 small slab
close up of the small slab. It is situated just a few feet from the edge of the cap rock and would have a nice view of the valley below and the hill across the creek if a few trees were removed.

southpocket 74 lots 28-29
looking across lots 28 and 29 toward large slab.

southpocket 001 slab looking toward the hill side.
On lot 26 in the valley is another large slab that we will have to decide how to deal with.

southpocket 022 Colleen
My mom came prepared, with comfy chair, coffee cup, and Jesse (her pooch)

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