Tinsley Mortimer, Ardent Socialist

For some reason, this old blog post receives an inordinate amount of traffic. So, this may be funnier to me than you.

Tinsley is a Socialist

'Post:' Tinsley Mortimer, Ardent Socialist - Gawker :
In this lengthy interview, Tinsley Mortimer shares her thoughts about the works of Marx and Engels. PSYCH! The Post has no idea what the word 'socialist' means, and Tinsley Mortimer gives the most retarded quotes imaginable. Seriously, more retarded than you are currently imagining them to be.

Yes, product of the finest boarding schools indeed. Maybe she voted for Bernie Sanders?

and I wonder what this means:

And while she has plenty of fans, the posts by detractors can be vicious - mocking her appearance, her intelligence, her absentee spouse. “She looks like a thoroughly nouveau plebe,” read one post, probably the worst thing one can say about a social.

“Obviously it's all sort of in good fun,” Mortimer says, struggling to be polite. “It's humorous. But unfortunately, I think it's a little sad. Those anomynous” - here she wincingly mispronounces the word - “posted comments are just not very nice sometimes. And to give someone free reign to be anomynous and say whatever they want and lie - that's hurtful.”

On the other hand, to paraphrase Columbia: Whatever.

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