TiVo to Insert Ads At End of Programs


TiVo to Insert Ads At End of Programs - WSJ.com

TiVo Inc. announced a new service that will let marketers place ads at the end of recorded programs and track how many people watch them.
The company, which makes digital video recorders, said Tuesday it would insert the ads after a television show has played, when there is nothing left to fast-forward, offering a way for advertisers to reach audiences who record shows and are more likely to skip through traditional commercials.
Tivo, based in Alviso, Calif., said the new ad scheme, dubbed “Program Placement,” will allow advertisers to purchase ads against specific shows, the way they do on traditional television. Companies that have already signed up for ads include Burger King Corp., General Motors Corp. and MasterCard Inc., TiVo said.

Not far removed from the oft-imagined advertising implant directly in our brains. Parenthetically, went to the movies over the holidays (Stranger than Fiction - rating 81/100), and there were at least 10 minutes of advertising before the trailers for coming attractions (i.e., more advertising, albeit more traditional). You'd think the $10 a ticket price would be enough to subsidize the theatre, but apparently not. Next time I'll just wait for the DVD release (unless the film is a Weinstein joint, in which case, I'll ignore it)

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