The drug war is ruining this country

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Tales like the Kathryn Johnston travesty in Atlanta are horror shows. When the War on (some) Drugs erodes our civil liberties to the point that police kick in your door, unannounced, kill you, and then phony up the evidence by threatening an informant, something is really, really wrong. Too bad the Tweedle Dees who run our country, for the most part, love to pretend they are 'tough' on crime, and year after year allow the phony war to continue. It Gets Worse. Yes. Worse.: Comments
that encounter led police to the home of Kathryn Johnston, an elderly woman who lived alone behind burglar bars and kept a rusty revolver. When officers burst into the house just three hours after talking to Sheats, a shootout ensued that left the woman dead and three officers wounded. No cocaine was found.

read lots more here, and here, if you have a strong stomach.

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Part of the problem is that the war on drugs is like the hunt for Communistis. If you question it, you risk being suspected of being complicit with "the enemy." People with credibility are disinclined to risk their credibility by challenging the war on drugs. Even so, I understand that increasing numbers of law enforcement professional are starting to question it. At least, the non-trigger-happen ones.

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