Canada compensates Maher Arar

Not enough, not even close to enough. The U.S., of course, admits nothing, doesn't bother to apologize, nor offers any financial compensation. Well, Cheney volunteered to go to Mr. Arar's house and invite Mr. Arar to go quail hunting.

Canada compensates deportee The Canadian PM apologises to a man tortured in Syria after being detained in the US as a terror suspect.

Maher Arar was detained in the US while returning to Canada from Tunisia. He has dual Syrian-Canadian citizenship.

A Canadian government inquiry cleared him of any involvement in terrorism. Syria denies that he was tortured.

PM Stephen Harper said Mr Arar would receive $10.5m (US$8.9m, £4.54m) compensation, and urged the US to drop him from its list of terror suspects.

“On behalf of the government of Canada I would like to apologise to you... and your family for any role the government may have played in the terrible ordeal that all of you experienced in 2002 and 2003,” Mr Harper said.

Mr Arar had sought $37m (US$31.3m, £16m) in a civil suit.

The Canadian inquiry that exonerated Mr Arar said it was probable that US authorities were acting on information provided by Canadian authorities.

It also supported Mr Arar's claims to have been tortured during his time in Syria.

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