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Reminder to self: when in Sicily, don't use the word cornuto (wiki).
There are times and places where language is weaponized, and Sicily is one such locale.
Netflix still doesn't have this film available yet, unfortunately, nor does Amazon, but I will see it eventually, probably before I make to southern Italy.

Revisiting Italian Traditions - January 17, 2007 - The New York Sun : One of several flavorful morsels of Sicilian dialect that go untranslated in the re-release of Alberto Lattuada's 1962 film “Mafioso” is picciotto. It means child, or little man, and is also a term for a mafia foot soldier. Another indigenous word that pops up in the subtitles is cornuto, or cuckold. It means the same thing all over Italy, but in the proudly patriarchal southern region in which most of “Mafioso” takes place, it's an especially loaded word. “Never, ever call a Sicilian cornuto,” warns the brief (and cleverly conceived) vocabulary lesson that precedes the opening credits. “Never.”

Thus begins a humorous sojourn to this part of Italy, as famous for its scenery as its fierce grip on tradition. An intelligent and entertaining — and, ultimately, not so lighthearted — skewering of Sicilian so-called manners, “Mafioso,” which made a successful run at this year's New York Film Festival and opens theatrically in New York on Friday, is filled with many by-now familiar gags of the ethnic comedy. The women have mustaches; old men affect dignified airs on donkeyback. During a heated argument over some property, one of them calls his neighbor a cornuto and the two toothless octogenarians wind up locked in combat, rolling around ridiculously on the ground.

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I think all romances languages have this concept of a man growing horns on his head if his wife goes with another man. I know a saying in Italian, Si tutti cornutti portase lampioni, Dio mio, che iluminazzioni!

Meaning, if all the husbands of unfaithful women wore a light, gosh, how bright!

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