Corporate Media sucks

In case you had any doubt that the establishment media is (mostly) composed of conservatives and Republicans, the White House Correspondent's Association doesn't want to hurt poor lil' Georgie's feelings.

Tim Grieve writes

War Room - :
White House correspondents: Don't knock Bush

Call it the belt-and-suspenders approach to presidential humor: The White House Correspondents' Association, already having taken pains to avoid another Stephen Colbert moment by choosing Rich Little for this year's annual dinner, has also made it clear to the 69-year-old “master impersonator” that he's to make nice with George W. Bush when he performs at the event.

“They don't want anyone knocking the president,” Little tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He's really over the coals right now, and he's worried about his legacy.”

We're sure that he is. We're just not sure why the White House Correspondents' Association should be.

No kidding. What ever happened to the independence of the Fourth Estate? Can we get it back please? Pretty please? No wonder newspaper circulation is declining.


Rich Little won't be mentioning Iraq or ratings when he addresses the White House Correspondents' Dinner April 21.

Little said organizers of the event made it clear they don't want a repeat of last year's controversial appearance by Stephen Colbert, whose searing satire of President Bush and the White House press corps fell flat and apparently touched too many nerves.

“They got a lot of letters,” Little said Tuesday. “I won't even mention the word 'Iraq.'”

Little, who hasn't been to the White House since he was a favorite of the Reagan administration, said he'll stick with his usual schtick -- the impersonations of the past six presidents.

Oh, boy! Can't wait to see how many YouTube views Rich Little's tired act will get in comparison to Colbert's bit. Fell flat, did it? Strange, my memory of Colbert's White House Correspondents Dinner is a little different: seems like it was the sensation of the internet tubes. In fact, this Google video version currently has 3,294,490 views, and that doesn't count all the other places you could have seen it (CSPAN, various YouTube posts, Crooks and Liars, quicktime downloads, yadda yadda yee).

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