Deadwood final episodes

Look to be airing next fall. Why do (nearly) all the shows I like end quickly? A short list, but still. One could argue that the Simpson's is over too, but some bits remain funny.

Anyway, I'll miss Deadwood.

I wanna be a Cowboy

`Deadwood's' Milch is ready for a surfin' safari | Chicago Tribune : Deadwood,“ shooting is set to begin in June or July on two, two-hour HBO movies that will wrap up the series, according to Milch. After HBO had nixed another full ”Deadwood“ season, Milch was ”quite ambivalent“ about tying up myriad story lines in just four hours.

”But we live in the world of the possible. I'm happy with the compromise.“ To accommodate the show's compressed length, each episode will represent several years in the life of the lawless mining town instead of one day, Milch says.

Juggling two TV movies and a new series would be taxing for somebody with all his marbles, so we can only imagine how Milch is holding up. ”That sound you hear is broken crockery,“ he says. Locking in the cast will be tough, too.

Some players -- stars Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant, for starters -- are essential. ”We'll do what we have to do to reach a critical mass of availability,“ Milch says.

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