Dylan's baby

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No wonder Dylan wants to stop this movie from being released.

Sedgwick's brother claims she was forced to abort Dylan's baby Edie Sedgwick's brother is sure to raise a storm in Bob Dylan's life, by claiming that the tragic Andy Warhol muse was forced by doctors to abort the rock star's baby

Jonathan Sedgwick revealed to British newspaper the Sunday Times that though Dylan has denied having an affair with the socialite, who committed suicide at the age of 28, the two were definitely involved, and that Edie had even been forced by doctors to abort a baby that she believed was Dylan's.

Sedgwick also insisted that Edie had later confided in him that the day she had lost her child had been the “saddest moment” of her life.

“She told me she had to be held down by four men because she fought them so hard to keep the child she claimed was Bob Dylan's. She did tell me later that this was the saddest moment of her life - losing Dylan's child,” the Sunday Times quoted him, as saying.

Jonathan's allegations are set to fuel the legal row between Dylan and the makers of Sienna Miller starrer 'Factory Girl', in which Edie is seen meeting a tall, dark-haired, harmonica-playing folk singer remarkably similar to Dylan.

Though the film makes no mention of a pregnancy, and has even changed the name of the singer, it has still managed to enrage Dylan, whose lawyer Orin Snyder has warned producers not to release the movie till the singer's legal eagles have taken a look at it, or face the threat of a defamation lawsuit.


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I am for the right to abort. However, I am happy I never had to face such a situation. I can imagine it could be devastating.

Bob Dylan shouldn't worry. If there is one thing he isn't it's tall. And frankly, so what? This is so old, it was in his two incarnations ago. Get happy you're alive, Bob and you have kids. Instead of wasting money on lawyers write a love song and a hate song.

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