Friday Night Feast

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A friend was given $250 worth of coupons to spend at Marché, and she kindly invited us to help spend her money.

Food photography is difficult, especially with someone else's camera, but here are a few snapshots that didn't suck. Not pictured, a couple of different salads, a pan-seared sirloin medallion dish, a couple of other deserts, beverages, and our laughter. Food was quite tasty, though D did send back her halibut to be re-cooked (first edition was a bit dried out). We watched the waitress explain to the chef that our halibut was dry, and his look was priceless. Too bad I didn't have my telephoto lens.

Marché Kitchen

Stuffed Chicken w Rasberries
Stuffed Chicken w Rasberries leg and breast, served over roasted carrots and onions, with a potato casserole thingy. Very rich, I couldn't finish it. The skin was satisfyingly chewy.

Petite Cassagne
Petite Cassagne 2004

our wine, and I drank more than my share. I don't think the open container law ever passed (theoretically would have been able to take our half-empty bottle home), so I felt obligated not to let any go to waste. D drank scotch instead of wine, our friend doesn't drink much. Sort of a strong wine, didn't really love it, but was ok.


Beautiful Soup
Beautiful Soup My favorite course, I think. Roasted artichoke, wild mushroom, wood-smoked bacon, etc.

Creme Brulee
Creme Brulée banana, I think

Profiteroles which was warm cream puffs, vanilla bean ice cream and warm chocolate sauce.

with tax and tip, I paid $100 for three people. Well worth it. Would have it been worth $350? Hmmm, maybe not quite, but then I wouldn't have ordered desert either.

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Chinois on Main kinda looks like that in the counter area. I loved the look of the chicken and the profiteroles.

What region was the wine from? I'm assuming it was French wine. Great deal, Seth, and it must have been enjoyable.

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