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Tracing a common ancestry | Chicago Tribune : ...

When famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma heard of the Genographic Project, he immediately wanted to become involved. He called National Geographic and together they decided to donate kits to Chicago-area schools. A spokeswoman for National Geographic said they chose Chicago because of its ethnic diversity and its Sister Cities International program. Ma, who visited Prosser with Wells on Tuesday, said he liked the idea of students learning about common ancestry. “Besides being a musician, I'm also a human being,” said Ma. “I finally realized this past year what my real passion is: people. Why do people do what we do? Why do people think differently? How are our habits formed?” The cellist--who delighted students with a short performance--was eager to learn where his ancestors came from, so he, too, took a mouth swab. He learned that his relatives came from Africa through the Middle East and Asia.

He spoke about how classical music has many influences, specifically about how an African dance made its way through several countries before landing in a piece of music written by Johann Sebastian Bach.

“Nothing comes from one place,” he said.

The Genographic Project has a mission similar to another Ma project, Silk Road Chicago, a yearlong celebration inspired by the art and culture of the historic Silk Road.

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